In Dubai tested unmanned flying taxi

In one of the February news, it was alleged that summer in Dubai will launch an unmanned flying taxi. The summer passed, but taxis are not yet launched. However, this does not mean that the UAE refused to implement the project yesterday the first flight was made one of the machines applying for using as a taxi.

Double drone quadcopter, developed by the German company Volocopter with the assistance of the German company Daimler, raised the crown Prince of Dubai at a height of 200 m and safely returned him to earth after a five-minute flight.

The developers expect that the drone can stay aloft for up to 30 minutes. It is expected that in the future it will be like a regular taxi, Uber through mobile applications, awaiting the arrival of unusual vehicles in a specific «valeport». While navigation is performed only according to the GPS, but the designers intend to add tools that will allow you to fly around obstacles and avoid collisions with other drones. So that passengers feel safe, the machine is equipped with a backup battery and motors, as well as a pair of parachutes.

It is expected that the operation of flying taxis in Dubai will start in the next five years.


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