In Darmstadt has earned the Merck plant that produces materials for OLED displays

Merck, which is the main provider of materials for OLED panels large size, a year ago promised that in 2016 OLED TV will be only 20% more expensive than LCD TV of the same size. It is no secret that one of the main factors reducing prices is to increase production volumes. Yesterday the German manufacturer has announced the beginning of operation of the plant in Darmstadt. This plant will produce materials for OLED displays and lighting panels.

The construction of the plant took 14 months and the investment amounted to 30 million euros. The company does not mention the performance, noting that it is possible to raise them five times. Obviously, we are talking about large volumes, because Merck expects in 2018 to become the world’s largest supplier of OLED materials.

Source: Merck



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