In China there was an accident involving autopilot Tesla, who did not notice the parked car

This week there was another road traffic accident involving a Tesla electric car that was being driven by autopilot. It happened in Beijing.

The electric car was moving in the fast lane and noticed a vehicle parked partially occupying this range. As a result, both cars were damaged. There were no injuries.

Tesla is studying the circumstances of the incident, lays the blame on the driver because he had not kept his hands on the steering wheel and not have made the manoeuvre required to avoid a collision.

The driver of the electric vehicle, 33-year-old programmer Zhen Luo (Luo Zhen), in turn, blames the manufacturer that the sale of electric vehicles creates a false impression of the capabilities of the autopilot. According to Luo Zhen and other owners of electric Tesla, showcasing the work of the autopilot, the company’s representatives removed his hands from the steering wheel. Moreover, advertising the autopilot in the Chinese market, the company uses the term «self-driving», which she avoids to use in English-speaking countries.

Earlier, in the USA the owner of the electric car Tesla Model S died, relying on the autopilot cars.

Source: Reuters



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