In China, the tricks of students in higher education are struggling with metal detectors, drones and «jamming» of radio signals

In June, Chinese students take the entrance exam. The prestige of higher education in the country is very high because it opens the way to high-paying and promising positions. Some students and their «support groups» have resorted to the advent of modern technology, trying to improve their chances for a high score. This forces the state to take response measures.

According to the source, to identify the transceiver hidden in garments and disguised as accessories and stationery, at the entrances to the premises for exams installing metal detectors and radiation detectors. In addition, the organizers of the tests used «jamming» of radio signals and drones with cameras.

To exclude the substitution of the participants, technology is used facial recognition and fingerprinting.

This year, before the exams had been arrested 52 people. Violators and their accomplices under Chinese law face up to seven years of imprisonment.

Source: Reuters


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