In China preparing for the recycling of batteries of electric vehicles

Shanghai a plant for the processing of electronic devices, for many years, utilizing televisions and laptops, preparing for the processing of new waste — batteries of electric vehicles.

The company has already acquired the necessary licenses and is upgrading equipment to handle the growing mountain of batteries. Owns the plant state company Shanghai Jinqiao Group.

Upgrading plant, Shanghai Jinqiao market, where there are already other Chinese companies, including Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium and GEM.

Now the market for electric vehicles is on the rise, encouraging optimism in the company engaged in the processing of the respective waste.

The promotion of electric vehicles in China started in 2009. In 2016, this country was sold 507 000 electric vehicles — more than 40% of global sales. By 2020 it is expected the sales growth to 2 million, and in another five years to 7 million, which would correspond to 20% of the total production of cars in China.

At the same time increasing production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. In the first eight months of this year, China had produced 6.7 million batteries, which is 51% higher than a year ago.

Since the service life of the first electric vehicles already coming to an end, it is expected that next year the mass of spent lithium-ion batteries will reach 170 000 t. the growth of electric car sales will grow this figure.

The source notes that in China lithium power sources not included in the list of hazardous wastes, so there is no strict control of their processing. Meanwhile, the batteries contain heavy metals and toxic substances, which in the end may be in the environment. Although recycling can be economically attractive because of the high cost of materials, it is very expensive and therefore inaccessible for small companies. The situation could fix the automation of the recycling process, but it requires a greater degree of standardization and unification of the structures of the batteries.

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