In China, issued only 20 thousand pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and as many as 4 million iPhone 8

Chinese media have criticized the new phablet Samsung Galaxy Note8, which went on sale a few days ago.

The publication Business Korea claims that Samsung Galaxy Note8 was issued only 20 thousand pre-orders, while the amount of pre-orders for the iPhone 8 has already exceeded 4 million.

I should add that if you pre-purchase the iPhone 8 users must pre-pay and pre-order Samsung Galaxy Note8 had to pay about $ 15. The South Korean company used this model to increase the chances that left the pre-order to buy a smartphone. While Samsung said that the Galaxy Note8 volume of pre-orders ahead of its predecessor.

The main reason for such a small level of pre-orders is the price of Samsung Galaxy Note8, which is about 1060 dollars in China. The new frameless smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 costs about $ 500.

In addition, many residents of China recently denied from purchasing goods Samsung, LG, Hyundai and other Korean companies, preferring to support domestic producers.

The market share of Samsung in China has declined over the past year from 7% to 3%, and Apple takes 8% of the market.

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