In China exploded another iPhone 7 Plus

The stream of stories about exploding smartphones are unlikely to run out in the foreseeable future. This time, it is not about the device Samsung and on the new iPhone 7, more precisely, on the older model iPhone 7 Plus

Recall that in late September one of the buyers of the Apple iPhone 7 have reported that the device exploded during a delivery, then information appeared that the smartphone caught fire in the process. Finally, three weeks ago, the Australian said on fire in his car the iPhone 7.

Another case occurred in China’s Yunnan province. The new owner of the machine told that the phone accidentally fell from his hands, then began to vibrate and smoke. After the spectacular «dance of death» smartphone self-destructed, which was accompanied by the separation of the cracked screen from the casing. In the photos it is well visible that the smartphone cannot be repaired.

Apple has not yet commented on this case.



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