In China believe Apple will be tough, if production of the iPhone will bring to US

As previously reported, Apple may shift production of iPhone on US territory. The reason for this was the initiative of the new US President Donald trump (Donald Trump). Experts have suggested that the move could raise half the cost of the iPhone.

Now DigiTimes, citing the Chinese resource writes that Apple may be very difficult to create an efficient supply chain if this scenario begins to unfold in reality. At the moment Apple has a well functioning production line for the Assembly of the iPhone in Shenzhen. Continuous production is provided by the supplier of displays, camera modules, touch panels, computer chips, batteries, and so on. This chain can respond promptly in case of need to make some adjustments in the production process.

Also referred to speed, for example, casting a certain amount of metal housings to order will take 10 days in Shenzhen, but in the US the same work will do for a month.

The Chinese company Lens Technology is a supplier of protective glasses for the iPhone. Company representatives said they do not plan to open production lines in the United States because of high labor costs, despite the fact that the earth and electricity in the U.S. cheaper than in China.

In Lens Technology has about 70 thousand people, their age does not exceed 45 years. In the US, as noted Lens Technology, many employees aged over 45 years who are accustomed to high wages when more lenient work schedules.



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