In Central and Eastern Europe smartphone sales growth amounted to 9% in unit terms and 26% in cash

GfK estimates that in the third quarter of this year in the world was sold 367 million smartphones, which is 3% higher than last year. But not all the growth has been so modest. For example, in Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe recorded a sales increase of 11% and 9%, respectively.

But the average selling price of smartphone for the year increased by 7%, but the source somehow does not specify directly the indicator.

We should note that in Western Europe was a downturn in quantitative terms by 7%, but in cash — an increase of 4%. Central and Eastern Europe, and all showed growth of sales in money terms by 26% and China 20%.

For the year as a whole, analysts expect sales growth of 4% in quantity terms and 10% in cash. In the first case it will correspond to 1,478 billion smartphones, and in the second 478,3 billion.


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