In cars Tesla Model 3 is detected by the camera watching the interior

As you know, Tesla has already started to deliver the first customers cars Model 3, but it receives daily approximately 1800 new orders for this car.

The first lucky people have managed to find in the car interesting detail. It turned out that the car has a camera that watches the cabin. It can be seen in the pictures below.

Not to say that it is hidden, but located in a place that many do not pay attention to it. Tesla itself is never about the camera is not mentioned, but after the treatment of the journalists confirmed that the camera is indeed present, but currently inactive.

The camera will be used in the future after the release of the relevant software updates. The company has not said why it is needed. Presumably, it will be part of the autopilot system, a tracking direction of gaze of the driver. If he is too distracted, the car will see it and signal it.

It is possible that the camera need Tesla to protect their interests in case of accidents. Perhaps the camera will record what is happening in the form of continuously updated short video below in case of an accident you can know whether to blame the driver or a messed up electronics. However, in this case Tesla must notify buyers of the existence of such a function, since otherwise it can be regarded as a violation of privacy.

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