In Australia to open the first 30 years of the plant for the production of vinyl records

Over the past few years, the demand for vinyl records continues to grow. Only in the United States last year has sold more than 13 million plastic, which is 10% more than were sold in 2015.

Moreover, this format is remembered not only in the music industry. Filmmakers, releasing his work on Blu-ray, parallel to offer collectors as well as film soundtracks on vinyl, as did, for example, the authors of «Logan» and «Dappula».

The Program Records company stated that it plans to open a new plant for the production of vinyl records in Australia, where such factories did not open for more than 30 years. The plant will use modern equipment, in particular machines WarmTone, which are produced by Viryltech in Toronto, Canada.

The plant will open next year, initially it will release a 12-inch plate weighing 140 and 180 g, and later start production of 7 — and 10-inch records.


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