In a single-chip system Socionext SC2A11A integrated 24 cores ARM Cortex-A53

Socionext the company introduced a single-chip system SC2A11A, a configuration that includes a multi-core processor on the ARM architecture. More specifically, in SC2A11A integrated 24 cores ARM Cortex-A53. According to the manufacturer, the new SoC is the optimal solution for such growing areas as servers for data centers that provide online services, and systems «front edge» in the Internet of things (IoT).

The advantages SC2A11A related low power consumption, high power efficiency, good scalability. CPU clock frequency is 1 GHz. Single chip has a 4 MB cache in the third level, and 64-bit memory bus DDR4-2133 ECC. In addition, the equipment includes SC2A11A PCIe ® Gen2 (four lines, divided equally between internal and external connections can select a Root/Endpoint); dual channel unit network operations with a throughput of 1 Gbit/s reduces the load on the Central processor; interfaces HSSPI, eMMC, UART, I2C and GPIO.

About the price and date of start of supply of the manufacturer is silent.

Source: Socionext


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