In a series of Xigmatek SFX120F included power supply size SFX, with a capacity of 600 watts with modular cable system

Source found in the Xigmatek pavilion at Computex 2017 series power supply units SFX80S and SFX120F.

SFX80S series models 350 and 450 watts. The number 80 in their name refers to the diameter of the fan of the cooling components. Block built under the scheme with one +12V rail, are 80 Plus. The cables are fixed tightly. Among them are cables with connectors for additional power supply PCIe (6+2 contact). The model has a smaller power cable like this one, the model with 450 W power two.

Power supply SFX120F, as it is easy to assume, cooled with a fan size 120 mm. This series includes models with a capacity of 500 and 600 watts.

The efficiency of the power supply SFX120F meets the requirements of the certificate 80 Plus Gold. These power supply units have a fully modular cable system.

Source: Techpowerup



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