In a series of Raidmax Cobra RGB came with two liquid cooling systems

The company Raidmax has introduced liquid cooling to Cobra 120 Cobra 240 RGB and RGB.

The first model is equipped with a radiator with dimensions of 120 x 120 mm, the second — dimensions 240 x 120 mm., Respectively, to a radiator is one or two fans standard size 120 mm. Other components of the two systems are identical.

The fan speed which is adjustable in the range 500-2000 rpm. Pump, conferences with the waterblock, decorated with full color backlight. To control the backlight, you can use the included remote control. Another option is management with ASUS Aura RGB Sync.

Liquid cooling Raidmax Cobra 120 Cobra 240 RGB and RGB support almost all modern processors, except AMD Ryzen Threadripper. Data about the price of Raidmax Cobra 120 Cobra 240 RGB and RGB are not yet available.


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