In a series Enermax Platimax D. F. includes power supply capacity of 1200 watts

The assortment of the company Enermax joined the series Platimax D. F. with a capacity of 750, 850, 1050 and 1200 watts. All of them are certified 80Plus Platinum. According to the manufacturer, PSU Enermax Platimax D. F. with a power of 1200 W is the smallest power supply of such power certified 80Plus Platinum. Its length is 160 mm.

The fans in the power supply are enabled only when exceeding a certain temperature threshold. The manufacturer notes that in addition to the automatic cleaning fan and insides of all dust using a Dust-Free Rotation that makes the fan a while after turning on the PC to rotate in the opposite direction, this action can at any time be done manually. There is a special button.

Units are equipped with modular cable systems.



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