In a mechanical keyboard SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL uses SteelSeries switches QX2

The company SteelSeries has introduced a shortened version mechanical gaming keyboard Apex M750. It’s called Apex M750 TKL. The M750 TKL keyboard uses switches SteelSeries QX2. The device is made of aluminum alloy and are finished in Matt black coating.

The keyboard features should include individual RGB backlit keys.

According to the manufacturer, the cropped input device easier to transport. Besides the keyboard takes less space on the table. The lack of numeric keypad gives you the ability to keep your hands closer to each other, using both keyboard and mouse. The keyboard size is 160 x 370 x 35 mm. To the computer it connects a two-meter USB cable.

TKL keyboard M750 compatible with the utility SteelSeries Engine, which integrates with the shell, creating the schema, highlighting ImageSync, sync, backlight Audio Visualizer and PrismSync, and the light receiving notifications GameSense.

Keyboard Apex M750 TKL is estimated by the manufacturer at $120.



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