In 2022 the supply of smart glasses augmented reality reached 22.8 million pieces, analysts say Tractica

The market for smart glasses augmented reality (AR) is in transition. AR glasses like Google Glass remain niche solutions with limited scope. On the one hand, the low demand was due to prolonged the refresh cycles, but there is another reason for the alternative technology known as mixed reality (mixed reality, MR). So see the situation on the market experts of the analytical company Tractica.

While points AR simply add additional information in field of view, MR is used to track the position and depth sensors scene. This allows you to enhance the effect of immersion and to allow interaction with virtual objects.

According to analysts Tractica who calls first headset the MR device Microsoft HoloLens, such headsets have a chance for wider application and reach a larger number of market segments compared to their predecessors.

Last year shipped a total of 0.15 million AR points. If the forecast Tractica confirmed, by 2022 the supply will grow to 22.8 million units.

Source: Tractica


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