In 2022 the number of unique users of mobile applications of augmented reality in a month will reach 1.9 billion people

In the period from 2008 to 2015 augmented reality (AR) was rather in the stage of technical focus than the application of technology. However, in mid-2015 there has been growth in mobile applications, soon reinforced by the developments, introducing in AR achieving the vision and integrating the AR technology of artificial intelligence. So you can see a picture analysts Tractica that prepared the forecast of development of the market for mobile AR apps.

According to analysts, the indicator of the popularity of AR apps, as the number of unique users per month (MAUS), last year reached 342,8 million by 2022 will be close to 1?9 billion In monetary terms, the market in this period will rise from 749 million to $ 18.5 billion dollars.

The growth of the market, according to experts Tractica, will contribute to the implementation of strategies aimed at integration, the greater the interaction of AR with social networks, e-Commerce, mapping and business applications.

Source: Tractica


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