In 2021, the delivery of medical robots will exceed 10 000 units, analysts say Tractica

Population ageing faced by developed countries, and a shortage of health workers are the incentives for the introduction of robots in the field of medicine and healthcare. The advantages of robots is the reduced costs of healthcare facilities, the release of staff, improving the accuracy of routine procedures and the use of new forms of treatment and rehabilitation. According to the forecast of the analytical company Tractica, robots will be introduced in surgery to solve problems of transport within medical institutions, to act as a disinfectants, to care for the sick. Robotic exoskeletons will allow you to recover faster after injuries and surgical operations. In addition, as we recently reported, robots can cook and dispense medication.

Analysts estimate the volume of supply of medical robots this year to 3,400 pieces. In the coming years the supply will grow and in 2021 will exceed 10 500 pieces. The market volume in monetary terms during this time will grow from $ 1.7 billion to 2.8 billion. Currently the development and production of medical robots in one or another direction employs more than 200 companies.

Source: Tractica


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