In 2021 in the United States will launch 28 trains able to travel at speeds up to 300 km/h

Until the train Hyperloop not become a reality, to move on relatively long distances cheaper conventional rail transport. In the US, a monopoly is a state Amtrak with a total length of the runs at 34 000 km.

As it became known, the credit of the Federal government in the amount of 2.45 billion dollars in 2021 rail journey USA will acquire 28 trains a new generation.

They will offer passengers greater comfort, including Wi-Fi, USB for charging mobile devices and so on. In addition, trains will move at speeds up to 300 km/h, which is close to the capabilities of high-speed trains of Japan. These goals will build a new path. The new trains will consume 20% less electricity than modern trains. What is important, «95% of the trains will be built in the United States.

Apparently, all new trains will run only in the North-East direction, which is the busiest at Amtrak.


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