In 2020 the market of desktop 3D printers will exceed $ 20 billion

Company Zortrax has published a forecast, which implies that the market for desktop 3D printers in the coming years will grow rapidly. The basis of the forecast, based on data from several analyst firms. In 2015, the 3D-printing market was $ 4.8 billion. According to the forecast, in 2020 it will exceed $ 20 billion.

It is noteworthy that the growth will be achieved almost exclusively through desktop devices. The most common are models in which used inexpensive technologies such as layer-by-layer fusing. Cost reduction, improved quality and print speed lead to the extension of the scope of 3D printers.

Most 3D printers sold in the United States. In second place is Western Europe, not the third — Japan.

Source: Zortrax


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