In 2020, a third of smartphones sold will be equipped with hardware blocks to work with artificial intelligence

This year in the smartphone market, an event occurred which most consumers paid no attention, but which is the first step to major changes.

Talking about the emergence of mobile platforms blocks working with neural networks. Such is the Apple SoC A11 Bionic and Kirin 970. While these units involved is very modest, so that the owners of smartphones much use from them will not feel. But over time, the performance NPU in mobile platforms will grow, and manufacturers will be able to use them for more complex tasks.

According to analysts Counterpoint, in 2020 every third sold first smartphone will have hardware units to work with artificial intelligence. Presumably, by the time the leader in this segment is Apple. Second place must go to Qualcomm, although it has yet to provide a proper solution.

At the end of this year, only 3% of sold smart phones will have hardware blocks work with the AI. Next year their share will increase to 16%, but in 2020 will be equal to 35%. From this we can conclude that Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung and Huawei (not necessarily all) by the time we give a mainstream system on a chip with blocks of NPU, as one of the top solutions of such share to achieve clearly not succeed.


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