In 2019, Volvo will release its first electric car, which will cost about $ 40,000

Volvo has in its range of all-electric production cars. Of course, we can recall the model C30 Electric, but it is not massively produced.

According to sources, the Swedish automaker has announced plans to finally join the list of companies with its line of cars without internal combustion engines. The first production electric car to appear in 2019. Model, by itself, is not yet known, but it is already known that the car will cost 35-40 thousand dollars, that is, it will not be an electric version of the S90 sedan or crossover XC90. On the price positioning of the new Volvo will compete with Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt.

Promise a range of 400 km, but we understand that this value is very conditional and achievable only in ideal conditions.

Electric car Volvo could push Sweden towards a more active transition to such cars, as Volvo in the native market to buy very willingly.

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