In 2018, Sony plans to release a medium format image sensor with a resolution of 150 MP

In the Network appeared information about the plans of Sony to release a medium format image sensor type CMOS with reverse exposure.

This year the manufacturer expects to complement its recently released sensor IMX211 resolution 100 MP its monochrome variety. Both of these sensor are sensors with direct illumination.

In 2018 there is a sensor IMX461 also a resolution of 100 MP, but are related to the category of sensors with back-illuminated.

Back-illumination technology will find application in the other two image sensors of medium format, which Sony plans to release in 2018. This model IMX411 and its monochrome variation. The resolution of these sensors is 150 MP.

Image sensor produced by Sony with a resolution of 100 MP used medium format camera Phase One XF 100MP .

Source: Charbax



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