In 2017 Windows 10 will support Windows Holographic interface that takes the usual in virtual reality

Microsoft is the only major player in the segment of augmented reality. However, due to the limited prevalence of HoloLens headsets, call it the leader will be incorrect.

However, next year the company intends to make a major step in this direction. As it became known, Windows 10 will receive a major update that will bring support to the special interface Windows Holographic (WH). Windows Holographic — transferring universal Windows 10 apps in virtual reality.

In fact, the WH has nothing to do specifically with the helmet HoloLens and designed for a variety of devices. For example, the interface will be compatible project Intel Project Alloy, which is more of a virtual reality, not augmented.

It is most likely that support for Windows Holographic will also receive a headset, Oculus, Samsung and HTC. The only question is whether this feature is necessary since it is much easier and familiar to launch the required software on your computer or smartphone.



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