In 2017 will remain a shortage of some components for smartphones

Last year producers raised the price of memory chips and displays for smartphones. This was due to a small deficit of these components.

According to the source, this year the deficit will remain. He will also touch screens, memory and optical sensors. As before, the situation was increased demand from Chinese companies, and the desire of manufacturers of specified components to maintain a small deficit because of the possibility to raise prices.

First and foremost, the source said, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo, as the most successful of the Chinese in the past year. No doubt they will remain the same in 2017. Huawei could sell about 150 million smartphones, Vivo will ship about 100 million

Also growing rumors about the intention of Apple to release a smartphone with OLED display push an increasing number of Chinese manufacturers use these panels in their devices, which will affect the availability of such products.


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