In 2017 the share of laptops with a Full HD panel will reach 34-35%

Analysts TrendForce the end of the year began to make predictions about the development of different segments of the IT market. On turn notebook sales.

The source said that by the end of this year, shipments of mobile PCs will decline by 4 per cent to $ 157,9 million units. In 2017, shipments will shrink another 4.5% to 150,7 million

According to analysts, by the end of this year, about 28% of all sold laptops will be equipped with a Full HD panel. Expect a significant increase in the share of such devices in the next year should not, as is often the screen such permit is adjacent to productive components, and it pulls higher royalties of Microsoft.

And the cost of such panels is higher than solutions HD by about 15-20%. The cost of the Full HD panel technology IPS, and is 50-100% greater than the value of the TN panel with HD resolution. But overall sales of laptops with screens Full HD all-taki will grow, and their share will reach 34-35%.
If you consider manufacturers, the market leader by the end of this year should be a HP with a share of 22.2%, which the company will increase to 22.6% by the end of 2017. Lenovo takes second place with a share of 21.5%, but in 2017 it will drop to 21.2%. Closes the three leaders of the Dell with a share of 15.1% at the end of this year and 14.6% in 2017. Apple, which will settle down in fifth place, will be able to increase its share from 7.9% this year to 8.3 percent next.


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