In 2016, the users of Android and iOS in total have downloaded more than 80 billion apps

Recently we wrote about the fact that in the current year, the total income generated by devices running the iOS operating system, will exceed $ 1 trillion.

But analysts Sensor Tower provided a report regarding the revenues generated by Google and Apple with App Store and Play Store and the popularity of certain applications. So, the net income of the two shops in the fourth quarter of 2016 reached 8.7 billion, corresponding to growth at an annual rate of 67%.

Position Apple better: $ 5.4 billion for the year and an increase of 60%. Google earnings less ($3.3 billion), but growth is substantial: 82%. In the final quarter was 19.2 billion downloaded applications (17%), and for the year overall, the users have installed more than 80 billion programs.

The most downloaded app in 2016 was ON Facebook. In second place is Apple Messenger, and an honorable third place WhatsApp. If we talk about the most profitable applications, the leader was ON Spotify, in second place is Line, and the third — Netflix. Note that both rankings do not include games.



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