In 2016, MediaTek plans to occupy 35-40% of the market of processors for mobile devices

Sales Manager at MediaTek, Finbarr Monigan (Finbarr Moynihan) during fresh interview said that this year the company’s share on the market of processors for mobile devices is expected to grow to 35-40%. Last year, MediaTek got 30% of the market.

Supply growth due to the popularity of MediaTek in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. On the other hand, in the US, business is not as good in this country, MediaTek was able to take no more than 5% of the market.

Finbarr, Monegan also acknowledged that the company faces challenges trying to find the optimal balance between performance their single-chip system power consumption.

Speaking of desyatiletnij MediaTek SoC, he noted that the company is not chasing the number of cores. The emphasis was on the use of tracklisting architecture, which allows the SoC to adapt to the needs of users while consuming less energy.



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