In 15-20 years all new Mazda vehicles will be electric or hybrid

Electric cars exist in the market for a long time, but in recent years more and more companies and countries report their intentions to a particular period of time to completely switch to electric vehicles, to prohibit the sale of cars with internal combustion engines and so on. Especially the number of such applications it will remember the current year.

That company Mazda, according to the sources, intends in the period from 2030 to 2040 to convert all their cars to electric. More specifically, during this period all models of Mazda will be either fully electric, or hybrid.

It’s interesting though that just Mazda currently has in its range of any all-electric models, and the choice of hybrids is limited to only auto: Mazda3 Skyactiv-Hybrid, known in the Japanese market under the name of Axela Hybrid.

The first electric Mazda cars to debut in 2019. By the way, we will remind, to develop such cars Mazda will be shared with Toyota. Also you may recall that Mazda is preparing to launch petrol engines SkyActiv-X, differing from all others by the fact that the ignition of the fuel mixture will occur due to the compression, as in diesel. However, this will only work under light loads and idle. But even in this mode, the engines SkyActiv-X needs to be 20-30% more economical than existing solutions Mazda. It is possible that these aggregates first appear in the new hybrid cars.

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