Improvements in the availability of game cards on sale in the coming months should not be expected

As you know, gold rush, 2017, driven by the rising value of cryptocurrencies, has seriously affected the normal people, it is far from this type of activity.

Affected by the absence of available graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD of the middle and upper price segments, and the last time, not everywhere you can buy even inexpensive graphics cards. Even if you receive multiple cards, the prices are at least twice higher than it was before the start of this story.

The problem is that to quickly increase the supply of new graphics cards manufacturers can’t, since they depend on producers directly to the GPU, and not only from them. Apparently, the deficit, or rather the almost complete lack of graphics card will last long enough.

German shop MindFactory removed from their range adapters with a GPU from AMD and Nvidia, explaining that simply gets the new devices from suppliers. Worst of all, according to the representative of the store, expected delivery time will be not less than three months! That is, in the best case, improve the situation of product availability can be expected in October or November, but this is unlikely to relate to the falling prices. From here you can make the assumption that by the end of this year we will not see almost no gaming video cards at normal prices.


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