Imagination Technologies has introduced a new GPU architecture called PowerVR Furian

Company Imagination Technologies has introduced a new PowerVR architecture Furian, which will form the basis of a new GPU generation. The company focuses on the fact that this is a completely new architecture.

It is noted that the devices of virtual and augmented reality require high-quality graphics and high frame rates, and automotive systems ADAS — increased computational efficiency. All this will be implemented in the new graphics processors on the architecture of PowerVR Furian.

The new architecture will continue the tradition of the PowerVR Rogue and will offer «industry-leading» performance of 1 mW. PowerVR Furian will also adopt and other characteristic features of the earlier architecture. For example, multidimensional scalability and deferred rendering on the basis of the mosaic image.

The new architecture has been optimized to facilitate layout workflows thinner than 14 nm, which leads to a reduction in the build-time and reducing spent on work resources.

The GPU on the new architecture will support OpenCL 2.0 and OpenVX 1.0 Vulkan 1.1. The architecture implies a bidirectional coherent interface between the CPU and the GPU for efficient data exchange. The ALU units in the new GPU will be 32-bit.

In the end, the new GPU when compared with solutions Series7XT Plus the same segment with the same frequency will offer improved performance in GFLOPS by 35%, increased fill rate of pixels is 80%, improving performance in games by 70-90%.

Imagination Technologies has already licensed IP core PowerVR Furian multiple partners. The first GPU based on new architecture can be expected in single-chip systems in the middle of this year. Most likely, one of the first such SoC will show Apple as the company has been using it GPU from Imagination Technologies.

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