Imagination begins to «dispute resolution procedure» with Apple

Company Imagination Technologies announced that it was beginning a «dispute resolution procedure» with Apple. This step Imagination had to go because of differences with the largest customer associated with the licensing, has failed to settle through negotiations.

In mobile devices Apple used for some years, graphics processors developed by specialists of the Imagination. For every copy sold of the iPhone and iPad Apple pays licensing fees to Imagination.

In early April, when it became known that Apple makes its own GPU for the iPhone and iPad, Imagination Technologies shares collapsed by 67%.

Then the company Imagination expressed doubt that Apple will work to develop GPU without violating patents owned by Imagination. This has allowed analysts to assume that ahead of the trial between Apple and Imagination.

According to Imagination, to achieve success in the negotiations with Apple about the alternative conclusion of the license agreement failed. It makes developer’s GPU to resort to legal mechanisms under the existing agreement.

Sources: Reuters, Imagination Technologies

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