Image sensor Sony IMX422LLJ designed for monochrome industrial camera

Simultaneously with the image sensor IMX421LLJ Sony, the Japanese manufacturer has introduced another model, which also refers to the third generation sensor type CMOS with global shutter. Image sensor Sony IMX422LLJ designed for monochrome industrial cameras.

Despite the similarity of notation with Sony IMX421LLJ, IMX422LLJ Sony sensor has a different optical format: 1/1. 7-inch (size active area equal to 9.2 mm in diameter) and more effective resolution of 2.03 MP. However, the size of the pixel match with the pixel size IMX421LLJ. They are equal to 4.5 x 4.5 µm. Just like in IMX421LLJ, the ADC supports 8-, 10 — and 12-bit modes, and the sensor requires three supply voltages: 3.3 V and 1.2 and 1.8 V.

The sensor supports full-resolution (1624 x 1240 pixels), read skip every other row and column (812 x 620 pixels) and 2×2 binning (812 x 620 pixels). In the first mode the maximum speed is 477,6/second — 904,0 K/s in the third — 909,2.

The sensor is equipped with the same interfaces and SLVS SLVS-EC, Sony IMX422LLJ, and has the same LGA package with 226 contacts.



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