Image sensor Sony IMX390CQV for automotive camera supports HDR and suppresses the flickering of the LEDs in the frame

Sony has announced the release of its image sensor type CMOS resolution of 2.45 MP for the automotive cameras. Study samples IMX390CQV sensor format 1/2. 7-inch should be available in may.

The manufacturer notes that the sensor has found application technology of suppressing flickering of the led light sources within the frame, including the control elements of portly movement. In addition, the sensor supports HDR, whereby its dynamic range reaches 120dB. Allegedly IMX390CQV is the industry’s first image sensor that supports HDR and suppressing flickering of the led sources. This functionality is provided using the original structure of pixels and the method of exposure. An important advantage of the sensor is high sensitivity, allowing to obtain a color image at an illumination of 0.1 Lux, corresponding to moonlight.

Applications of sensor IMX390CQV, qualified for automotive applications AEC-Q100 Grade 2, related cameras direct and back view.

Source: Sony



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