Image sensor Sony IMX334LQR format 1/1. 8 inch is designed for security and industrial cameras

Company Sony announced the release of the image sensor IMX334LQR. Sensor type CMOS designed for color cameras used for video surveillance in the industry.

Optical format 1/1. 8 inch IMX334LQR corresponds to the size of the active area of 8.86 mm in diameter. Pixel size is 2.0 x 2.0 µm, effective sensor resolution — of 8.42 MP, and recommended of 8.29 MP (3840 x 2160 pixels). In addition to working in full resolution, it is possible to crop and pairwise merging of pixels in rows and columns (binning 2×2). Readout speed at full resolution in 12-bit mode of the ADC corresponds to a frame rate of 60 fps. the ADC can also operate in 10-bit mode. Sensor supports HDR.

The manufacturer notes low power consumption of the sensor. Power supply for analog circuits uses a voltage of 2.9 V for the digital part 1.2, for interface blocks and 1.8 V. the Sensor is equipped with CSI-2, supporting in configurations with four or eight lines. Sensor IMX334LQR packaged in a LGA package with 128 contacts.



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