Image sensor Sony IMX324 designed for automotive cameras

Sony has unveiled the image sensor IMX324. This is the sensor type CMOS with a boxy layout. Sensor format 1/1,7 inches designed for automotive cameras. Its resolution is of 7.42 MP. According to the manufacturer, this is the highest resolution among similar sensors. In addition, IMX324 first sensor with a volume layout designed for automotive cameras. On one crystal is located light sensitive elements, and the second — circuit signal processing.

As stated, high resolution allows to recognize signs at a distance of up to 160 m from the camera. To increase the sensitivity in low light mode is used combining signal of the neighboring pixels. If you believe Sony, it enables to detect pedestrians and obstacles even in the moonlight.

It is expected that the sensor will be compatible with processors image EyeQ EyeQ 4 and 5, developed by Mobileye, recently bought by Intel and specializing in automotive driver assistance systems and systems for self-driving cars.

The sensor is packaged in a BGA package 108 with contacts. Delivery trial samples Sony IMX324 should begin in November, and the serial production of the manufacturer expects to begin in June 2018.



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