Image sensor OmniVision OV10650 resolution of 1.7 MP is designed for driver assistance systems

The range of the company OmniVision Technologies has joined the image sensor OV10650, which is designed for automotive driver assistance systems. According to the calculations of the manufacturer, OV10650 first image sensor resolution 1.7 MP with aspect ratio of 2:1 and a dynamic range of 120 dB.

The sensor used back-illumination technology OmniBSI. The pixel size is equal to 4.2 µm. The sensor is able to generate video with resolution 1820 x 940 pixels frame rate up to 60 K/S. It is compatible with image processors OV491 and OV495.

At the same time presents OV10652 sensor, which is characterized by a color filter. According to the developers, sensors and OV10650 OV10652 will find application in systems of detection of pedestrians and road signs, warnings similar to the occupied bandwidth of the traffic and dangers of collision.

The dimensions of the products in the performance of the CSP is equal to 9.5 x 6.8 mm. Study samples OV10650 and OV10652 already available, and serial production of the manufacturer expects to begin in the third quarter of 2017.

Source: OmniVision



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