Image of the smartphone Huawei P10 Plus demonstrate a smartphone with a rather strongly curved display

Smartphones Huawei P10 and P10 Plus should present at the MWC 2017. We already know that the younger the device will appear at least in three color options and a senior can get 8 GB of RAM, while other data indicate a version with 4 GB and 6 GB.

Now in a Network there are, apparently, official images of the model P10 Plus. At least, they are similar to official.

As you can see, the device does not receive mechanical buttons under the display, although this should be at P10. Also noteworthy, is the curved display. And he bent more than with any Samsung smartphone or other similar models on the market. Here we can recall the founder of the genre — the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. He bending of the display was about the same, but with only one hand.

If the device really will be questions about his considerable, according to rumors, the cost automatically disappear.



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