Ikebana with their hands: ideas and techniques for creating natural decoration of the interior

Ikebana created by your own hands is the best decoration of your interior. It creates a feeling of warmth and comfort, measured and calm.

To make the bouquet yourself, don’t need a lot of time, money and materials. All you need is to show maximum imagination and creativity.

Ikebana: the Ancient art of Japan

Literally «ikebana» is an art, the skill of flower arranging. When this is used as fresh flowers, dried flowers and dried.

When creating bouquets, adhere to strict precepts, which are based on the experience of the great Japanese masters. Before you begin to create traditional Japanese flower arrangements it is useful to know:

  • to achieve the perfect flower arrangements do not have to use beautiful flowers. The guarantee of a harmonious bouquet, the correct ratio of elements.
  • when you create a composition on the time of year and occasion on which it is created;

  • to begin creating your flower bouquet needs in good spirits, in peace and tranquility. Only then the result of the work you will truly delight.
  • the number of flowers in the Japanese ikebana does not matter, they can be even and odd number.

The traditional rules of creation of ikebana

The rules of creating a Japanese bouquets of dried flowers evolved many centuries. The great masters of the art of flower arranging has identified the key points that must be followed to receive a beautiful flower arrangement.

  • the main focus is the Central element that sets the tone for the whole composition. It might be a large flower, leaves, twigs.

  • dynamic distribution of colors in the bouquet – one of the main conditions for the perfect bouquet. Elements of ikebana are arranged at a certain angle to the vase or to each other. To achieve this effect, the Japanese prefer to use curved stems of flowers, ornate wicker dried flowers.

  • asymmetry is also important for a perfect composition. Do not have to create a fanciful bouquets, symbolic enough to reflect the 3 main components of Japanese culture – heaven, earth and man.

The simplest ikebana in 5 minutes

To create the simplest ikebana will need:

  • Orchid – 2.
  • ting
  • tall narrow vase with a height of 30 cm and above
  • decorative items – glass beads, decorative sand
  • scissors or secateurs

Phases arrangements:

  • In a vase to place the glass beads or decorative sand, filling it halfway.
  • To insert a filler 2 branches bright orchids. Arrange the twigs so that one of them was placed at an angle of 15 degrees to the right relative to the table, and another 15 degrees to the left.
  • 3. One sprig must be above the other 15 cm

    4. Complete the creation of ikebana sprig tinggi, which should be located between the orchids with a slight slope in the direction of fewer of them.

    Autumn ikebana with their hands

    Ideas for creating a Japanese autumn bouquet gives us the nature itself. To create ikebana for autumn theme you will need:

    • decorative pumpkin – better round shape
    • branched twigs without leaves
    • sprigs of Rowan
    • decorative elements on request – leaves, pinecones, glitter for indoor plants
    • glue gun

    The procedure for making autumn flower arrangements:

  • The main element of ikebana decorative pumpkin. It is necessary to prepare in advance – carefully cut off the bottom so that it is smooth as possible. Next, clean the pumpkin from seeds and make a hole on top for the branches.
  • Using glue gun, glue the pinecones to the branches
  • 3. After the glue dries, place the basis of the composition on the pumpkin.

    4. The Central elements of ikebana are ready, the time to execute a minor. To do this, insert in the Central part of the composition of the branches of the ash, positioning them as dynamic – angle to the pumpkin, at different heights from each other.

    The final step – making the flower arrangements dry leaves. Stick them with a heat gun.

    It is important not only to create a flower arrangement, but also the right to present it. Best decoration autumn flower arrangements will cushion of dry leaves, decorated with a few chestnuts. It is on this basis establishes the creation itself.

    Christmas ikebana with their hands

    Ikebana, developed with new year’s mood, will be the most unusual decoration of your home. Moreover, such a composition is valid for the whole year.

    Use the following materials:

    • the branches of pine or other coniferous tree
    • thick twine
    • dry sorghum
    • decorative elements – Christmas toys, cones, sprigs of berries, and lilies
    • melt

    The order of creation of the composition:

  • Thick twine to tighten the ring, the diameter of which depends on the number of ornaments and the desire of the master. The length of the string is taken in the expectation that it should last for a few turns.
  • Using glue gun, glue at one point prepared the foundations of the cones and branches of conifers.
  • Decorate the remaining space of the ring of twine small Christmas decorations and flowers.
  • To ikebana festive look, cover it on top of gold paint or glitter.
  • There are lots of variations a new year’s ikebana. The beauty and uniqueness of each composition depends on the imagination of the master and the used materials. For example, instead of Christmas decorations, you can use physalis, branch of sea-buckthorn berries or Rowan.

    Ikebana in the citrus style

    To create a bright vitamin composition we need:

    • orange peel, tangerine, lime prepared in advance and dried
    • the leaves and flowers of lavender
    • cones of conifers – pine, cedar or alder.

    It is important to prepare in advance items vitamin of ikebana. Citrus peel should be dried and free from veins.

    To your music exudes the inviting aroma of fruit is enough to put the buds in a plastic bag and drip a few drops of citrus essential oil.

    The process of creating vitamin of ikebana is very simple. Prepared items are laid out in a flat glass dish, evenly distributing them to obtain a coherent composition.

    Ikebana sprinkle ground ginger or hydrangea petals. Be sure that vitamin ikebana not only beautify your house but also fill it with the invigorating citrus scent.

    Autumn arrangement in a pumpkin

    Pumpkin – the perfect base for creating an autumn flower arrangement. It is stable on any surface, has a bright color that harmonizes with the other elements of the composition. And most importantly, thanks to the specific structure of the cavity of the pumpkin, it is possible to insert any twigs, leaves or flowers.

    To create songs you need:

    • pumpkin of small size – must round
    • bouquet of autumn leaves and flowers in yellow and orange colours
    • Rowan berries

    Stages of creation:

  • As in the last master class with pumpkin, it is necessary to prepare – trim the bottom for greater stability.
  • Clean the cavity of the pumpkin from the veins and seeds. Now the basis for the flower arrangements ready.
  • 3. Prepare flowers, autumn leaves, mountain ash branches. To do this, cut the stems so that they fit into the cavity of the vessel and was slightly higher than the depth of the pumpkin.

    4. Next comes the absolutely creative stage, where there are no strict rules. Place prepared items in the pumpkin, evenly distributing them over the surface.

    Try to group the leaves and twigs so that between them there were no gaps.

    Composition with a candle

    The Japanese masters often depart from the classical rules of creation of ikebana, and in addition to using flowers such decorative elements such as candles or plastic figurines of birds and insects.

    We need:

    • decorative pumpkin of small size
    • a thick white candle (this is the basis of composition)
    • natural decorations – the leaves of the Rowan-tree, Cape gooseberries, sea-buckthorn on a branch.
    • cones of alder, pine or cedar

    Stages of Assembly of the basket:

  • The pumpkin clean of the seeds, cut off the bottom, from the top to make holes for candles.
  • Insert the candle in the pumpkin so that she was on the surface at 2/3 its size.
  • 3. Decorate the space around the candle with the leaves of Rowan or sea buckthorn, the fruit of physalis.

    4. With the help of a melt adhesive gun to glue the spruce cones.

    As the basis for the flower arrangements with a candle you can use a shallow pot, decorative wicker baskets.

    Ikebana-panels with your own hands

    To create a wall of ikebana will need:

    • burlap or other rough textured fabric
    • dry branches with a complex weave
    • leaves, reeds, moss
    • decorative insects or birds

    The procedure of registration of ikebana-panels:

  • Using PVA glue, melt glue the burlap onto the prepared base.
  • Position on the fabric elements of ikebana – twigs, dried flowers, leaves, driftwood, moss.
  • It is important to think in advance every detail of the composition on the panel, then the result is harmonious and holistic.It remains only to decorate panels decorative flowers, birds, Rowan berries, flowers of physalis.

    Leave the panels in the horizontal position until drying of glue and adorn any wall of your home.

    Ikebana – an unaccustomed adornment that surprises with its originality and beauty. Furthermore, your handmade bouquet in this technique, will be the perfect gift for any significant event.

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