IHS experts Markit called the next key area of growth for smartphones

At the initial stage of the growth of the smartphone market was largely due to the development of the hardware. Improvement of technical parameters, including size and screen resolution, number of cores and CPU performance, RAM and flash memory, camera specifications and a set of sensors that provided the producers the scope for competition. Gradually, the reserve of this growth direction is reduced, so to stand out hardware features on the background of competitors ‘ products is becoming increasingly difficult. According to analysts IHS, Markit, the next key area of growth for smartphones will be the artificial intelligence (AI).

In this example convinces analysts existing virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri. IHS experts Markit believe that the dissemination of such solutions will grow. In addition, their complement of AI technologies embedded in the various components of the apparatus, including cameras and audio subsystem. The smartphone will become both a means of access to artificial intelligence and supplier data required for its training. The value and possibilities of this «vendor» can not be overestimated: according to analysts, by 2020 the usage will be more than 6 billion smartphones in one and a half times the figure of 4 billion achieved last year.

Source: IHS Markit


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