IFixit experts did not put the Samsung Galaxy Note8 high score

New Samsung Galaxy Note8 fell into the hands of iFixit, so we can learn how to tripled inside the apparatus, and also to understand how it is suitable to repair.

The process of disassembly were captured on video.

In comparison with the predecessor, the battery moved from the edge almost to the center. In this case, the item Samsung SDI capacity of 12.71 W·h

On the motherboard houses the RAM chip Samsung K3UH6H60AM-NGCJ, combined with the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, chip flash memory Samsung KLUCG4J1ED-B0C1, power amplifier Skyworks 78160-11, the controller Wacom W9018 and other components.

You can also see that the smartphone has a heat pipe that is already the norm for flagship models.

The total score for the reparability four out of ten. The advantages of the device modularity many components and standard Phillips screws. The rest was recorded either in cons or in controversies. This and the abundance of glue that holds the battery, and the complexity of dismantling the glass panels covering the back, and the fact that the display replacement is necessary to disassemble the entire smartphone.



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