If users don’t like the Face ID technology, Apple will have to go on a fingerprint scanner located under the screen

Probably basic for many of the innovations in the iPhone X — scanner face ID. It is difficult to say how truly comfortable they will be used in the real world. We know this is after the emergence of novelties on sale.

However, the appearance of Face ID resulted in the emergence of a number of important issues. For example, we know that no smartphone has not received the optical dactyloscopy located directly under the display, just because this technology is not yet ready for launch. But next year she will be ready.

And the question is how Apple will do with the next generation iPhone. Because to refuse a Face ID in favor of this decision only one year after the launch of the new technology will be tantamount to a confession of failure.

Well-known analysts Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) said that everything will depend on how users react to Face ID. If positive, this technology will come to all of the Apple smartphones in the next year. If users will perceive it negatively, copertina have to switch to the fingerprint scanner, located under the display. However, specifically at Apple with this one problem.

The fact that the 3D Touch technology makes the screen thicker, and it’s bad sensitivity and accuracy of such dactyloscopus. And if Apple need urgently to translate a whole range of new iPhone such decisions, she will have to solve this problem.

There is an impression that the fingerprint scanner still would have been comfortable and familiar for most consumers. However, maybe Apple really managed to bring facial recognition technology to a whole new level and Face ID will be better and easier to use other solutions.



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