Identified data leak about 98 million accounts

According to the publication ZDNet, the database is one of the largest Russian ISP was hacked, resulting in stolen data was about 98 million accounts.

It is worth adding that the attack took place on 17 February 2012, but learned about it only now. Surprisingly, the hackers did not have to decrypt passwords that were stored in conventional text form.

The head of information service Ilya Zuev in response to a request for comment, made the following statement: «We knew that in March 2014 the hackers have posted in the shared database with millions of records Immediately after the incident, we asked our users to change their passwords. At the moment, this situation in principle can’t happen again. All of our data, including passwords, are encrypted. We’ve added a verification on the phone and constantly remind the users about the feasibility of replacing passwords. We were warned not to repeat previously used passwords».

Published in hackers database present user names, passwords, profile, email address.


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