Idemitsu Kosan and LG Chem have agreed on mutual use of patents in the field of OLED

Company Idemitsu Kosan and LG Chem developing and producing materials for OLED, signed a cooperation agreement. The contract provides for the possibility of using partners of the patents of each other pertaining to the OLED materials.

The parties are confident that this exchange will help accelerate the development of OLED technology by creating new materials with enhanced light output, extended life, etc. Partners will be able to explore areas that they previously paid less attention, relying on a unique experience.

The parties also agreed «strongly support» the OLED materials activity of the company LG Display. However, they retain the right to offer the results of cooperation and other display manufacturers.

Last year a similar agreement was signed Idemitsu Kosan and Merck.

Source: Idemitsu Kosan



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