Ideas two tone manicure 2018

In today’s world it is difficult to imagine a girl who makes a manicure. Right now he is not only good manners but also part of the image. Besides, there is a wide variety of different designs, allowing you to find the perfect option for any occasion. But if solid coating or drawings a little bored, then a great alternative would be a two-tone manicure.

Two-tone manicure: rules of combination of colors

Before you do manicure, we offer you to understand the rules of combining colors. This is very important, as this knowledge will help to create a really stylish, fashionable design.

The most popular is a monochromatic combination that involves painting nails with two shades of one color. Due to this manicure looks very harmonious. If desired, you can slightly complicate the process and a few marigolds to make the Ombre effect with a simple sponge.

In turn, achromatic combination suggests that the design will be used in contrasting shades. As the primary most often used white, gray or black tone. They combine well, so problems with the choice of additional shade is not exactly there. Most often with white color combine red or blue. Black is used less often, as a result, the design may look too strict.

To create a festive manicure many girls choose black as the dominant color and Golden. It is not necessary to use nails at all, it will be enough small accents. Daring, but at the same time stylish design will turn out if to combine black with red. If you want you can try other combinations like that.

Choose the gray tone so often, however it looks great just as a base. To combine it is with pink, yellow, white or blue. No matter what shades you choose, the General nature of manicure will depend on their saturation. For example, choosing the pastel colors, you will get a sweet design.

If these combinations seem too simple for you, we offer you to experiment with so-called compound flowers. For this you will need two shades that differ from each other. That is, they must be self-sufficient. An excellent example will be the following combinations:

  • orange and blue shades not only look good in summer season. Choose this option for the autumn routine, and to cheer yourself up;
  • red with green shade perfect for creating a stylish new year’s manicure;
  • yellow with blue color is one of the best choices for the summer season.

If you wish, you can combine other colors, but it is very important that they look good in one design. To do this, choose colors with the same saturation.

Ideas two tone manicure 2018

As for the design of nails, the most common two-tone manicure is a coating in pastel colors. These shades are always good among themselves combined, so this idea will definitely appeal to beginners.

To add some fun and complement this option, you can use an interesting pattern, rhinestone or sequin. You can also use different textures. There are a few nails to cover glossy varnish, Matt and the rest. In any case it looks much more stylish.


Those who already have some experience, you safely try to make design using stamping even at home. This would require only a stamp, a plate with figures and a special scraper. As for the paint, then there are special for stamping. But you can buy and a simple nail Polish with a thick texture. This is to ensure that the picture is transferred evenly.

Design with an accent

Color cover will always be relevant. But in 2018, offer a little to depart from the usual options and to make a small accent on one nail. For example, all the nails painted with one tone, and unmarked contrast. If desired, you can add additional decor with rhinestones, sequins or kamimusubi.

As for the choice of colors in everyday life, you can allow almost any options that you like. The most popular are silver with gold and white with black. The girls who work in the office, of course, is to choose a more modest, neutral shades. Best suited a different tone of beige. At desire it is possible to focus on a single nail, and two. It looks no less stylish.

French and lunar manicure

Of course, the French and lunar design associated with white and beige color. It is a kind of classic that will always be popular. But in 2018 we recommend you start experimenting with the design of the manicure. After all, the main trend will be color coating. So feel free to combine with each other shades or make a classic version with a colored edge.

Beginners are recommended to use a stencil, which will create a perfect French manicure. In turn, those who already have experience, you should purchase the brush, as they can be used to implement any ideas.


I guess every girl knows about the existence of the manicure style «Ombre». Its main feature is a smooth transition from one shade to another. Such a gradient is obtained by mixing two or three colors of nail Polish. This design is incredibly popular because you can combine various colors. In addition, the transition of shades can be not only vertically, but also horizontally or even diagonally.

As you can see, the two-tone manicure is not only a color cover. In 2018 will be relevant is quite a large variety of design options. So feel free to experiment, combine colors and the result will please you for sure.

And which design did you like?

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