Ideas for unusual birthday celebration

Birthday is always associated with gifts, fun, many warm wishes and brightest emotions. Nevertheless, many people still sadly think about the upcoming standard celebration at home or restaurant. If you are in search of original ideas on how unusual it is to celebrate a birthday, then read on. We have prepared the most interesting options, among which definitely there is something suitable.

Of course, one of the main criteria of the organization of the holiday are financial opportunities. But this does not mean that it is impossible to organize something interesting for a small amount. Moreover, each idea can be adapted to any budget.

The celebration of the birth of unusual ideas


If you don’t want too radically change the classical concept of the celebration, it is possible to diversify a little bit. This option is perfect for friends who share common tastes.

For example, if you love to visit Japanese restaurants, it’s time to discover a new restaurant. But don’t just order a few sets. We recommend you to invite the chef, who will personally make the cuisine of the country of the rising sun. In addition, he will tell you about the specifics of cooking and traditions.

It is very important that all the appliances and the interior was in an appropriate style. Due to this, you will create a suitable atmosphere. A more budget option such a celebration is possible to organize even at home. Invite all your friends together to make sushi and other dishes. Believe me, it will all be very fun.

Another version of the celebration is to attend a wine tasting or cheese. This definitely will enjoy not only gourmet, but also lovers. After all, you can find quite a lot of interesting information. After the tasting is to go to a restaurant or a cozy place to continue the event.


For those who have a birthday in the summer, very lucky, because you can organize a pool party or the whole company to go to the river, lake or sea.

Of course, this option requires advance preparation of food. But if you want you can order delivery from a good restaurant or cafe. In addition, we recommend to introduce a dress code, so that everything will look more harmonious. For example, «Hawaiian party» or in a marine style.

Perhaps one of the most unusual ideas will be a party on the roof of a tall building. It’s really great, especially if it offers views of the city. Just imagine how beautiful the sunset can be seen from such a gorgeous place.


To create a festive atmosphere in advance, prepare the decor, appropriate music. Also organize an original dinner party and invite a photographer. Pictures from this look will be lovely.

Active ideas

If you don’t like to sit still and always looking for adventure, the birthday is a great reason to continue to do so. Invite friends to the climbing wall or ropes course. Be sure that it will be fun and certainly will be remembered not only you, but also the guests. But be sure to warn about their plans in advance or designate a dress code.

A great option of active recreation on the birthday – visit the quest room. Lately they are gaining more and more popular, so your friends will certainly like this idea. In addition, this is a great opportunity to try on different roles and have fun.

If you want to combine active holidays with relaxation, feel free to celebrate the birthday in the water Park. Crazy water slides, swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, steam baths, saunas and various Spa treatments – all this will definitely be remembered for a long time. In addition, the Park often has several cafes, so you can pre-book a table there.

To organize a birthday celebration not necessarily in the city. An excellent alternative will hike for a short distance. As well as spending the night in tents, bonfire and guitar songs. This occasion is not just memorable, but emotional for everyone.

Birthday on the road

Of course, the celebration in the limo – not the most convenient option. So we offer an excellent alternative to party bus. This option now is very popular, because to celebrate a birthday on wheels really fun. About the drinks and cocktail party should take care in advance to avoid wasting time to prepare to your day.

Where it is unusual to celebrate a birthday?

If you do not want a noisy celebration, the perfect alternative birthday during the journey. Many only dream about, but not at risk to implement. But it is your celebration and most importantly – to fulfill their dreams and conquer new cities and countries.

Visit the amazing town of Hallstatt in Austria. It is located on the banks of the river, but other than that it is surrounded by mountains.

It looks really amazing and at times reminiscent of a fairy tale.

Despite its size, the local beauty surprise, delight and inspire to continue to travel.

Japan is an amazing country that attracts many tourists.

This is not surprising because there you’re the brightest and unforgettable impressions. Be sure to visit the Kawagoe city to sail on small rivers, but with such a magical view.

Feed the deer in the Park and get a lot of positive emotions. In November you can go to the festival of lamps made of bamboo. It is very beautiful and memorable.

A popular option for travel in Thailand. But this does not mean that you will not be able to find something new for yourself.

On the contrary, this country will give great emotions. Go to the island and visit a beach party, fly over the jungle, arrange a tasting of local cuisine and just have fun.

Remember that birthday is your celebration. So first of all implement what you dream. Believe me, your friends and relatives will support any idea if it will make you a little happier person.

What is the most unusual celebration of your birthday. Look forward to hearing in the comments.

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