Ideas for manicure: Spring-Summer 2018

In the world of nail design is difficult to come up with something new and not previously used. Equipment manicure is so studied and performed thousands of times that many people want to contribute new ideas to familiar arts on their nails.

Season spring-summer 2018 provides fashionistas the opportunity and offers a unique and stylish solution for the design of nails.

French manicure new

French has an amazing ability to combine modern style and expressive fashion images 2018. French manicure in the new season offers fashionable women to Express their individuality and to decorate the usual technique of stylish ideas.

In the new season, variety of colors the edge of the nail, which indicates a new stage of development of this technology. The pastel colors of the French depart on the second plan, giving way to more youth splashes of color.

Makeup and manicure

The most intriguing trend 2018 – a harmonious combination of makeup and nail Polish on the nails. This technique is especially popular in spring, when the images of fashionistas are more open and bright.


Shiny nails never go out of fashion. This popular design will always find its followers, wanting to make the image of sparkling details.

In a trend sequins gold color and silver. They are appropriate in almost any design, whether an everyday manicure with small scatterings of sequins in the root zone or mono-manicure, composed entirely of small dots.

Design negative space

The technique of negative space is found in practically all collections of nail-masters.
It involves the design and Vice versa, that is, colored lacquer covered by a separate part of the nail, and the rest of the space remains free.

In the season spring-summer technique negative space is expressed in neutral tones – white and black, rich colors and pastel.

Stripes on nails 2018

Band conquered not only the fashion world, where it is impossible to provide stylish look without things with horizontal or vertical stripes. This popularity affected the design of nails where the strips are used as the base pattern.


The band is rightfully unique design that allows you to create a huge amount of nail art, with just a few shades of nail Polish.

To perform a manicure with stripes can every girl, it is enough to alternate between several shades of nail Polish on one fingernail, drawing a horizontal, vertical or diagonal stripes.

Even such popular technique as Ombre, picked up the growing popularity of the strips and offers fashionistas the vertical version of this stylish design.

Mosaic on the nails

Do not confuse mosaic with the colors and the rainbow effect on your nails. Mosaic 2018 is a sophisticated technology implemented in the form of cracked platinum, sapphires shimmering or reflective surfaces.

Your nail Polish should sparkle, allowing you to capture crisp design and drawing on nails.


According to the Eastern calendar the mistress of the coming year will be the Yellow earth Dog. That’s why the yellow color should be present not only in clothing but also in the details, chief of which is the manicure.

For the season spring-summer 2018 yellow as not relevant. This Sunny rich color, most often found in nail design.

About solid yellow manicure cannot be and speeches, it’s too easy and boring. Manicure 2018 with a yellow tinge – this is a work of art, including pictures of the different ornaments and combinations.

You can use yellow as the main color, to diversity its summer pattern in the form of fruits, flowers, leaves.

Yellow has a huge number of shades of sand, peach, lime and others. For business image, select more calm tones, for example, light beige and create a modest jacket in this shade.

Matte manicure 2018

Matte surface and dark shades of lipstick is the best combination that you can think of in nail design. Manicure with a deep dark shade of matte varnish will create a look of a confident nature, because not every girl to decide on a nail design.

A matte texture can be performed on 1-2 accent nails, the rest of the fingers to cover the usual varnish.

Certainly, black color is absolutely not the spring and summer color, so some designers offer a more vivid and expressive colors. For example, a very unexpected and beautiful will look matte manicure pale pink color.

The lines on the cuticle

The increasing trend with the underscore cuticle has already attracted the attention of many fashionistas. It is also called a reverse moon manicure, that is, the basal area is highlighted by hole, which is curved in the opposite direction.

However, here you need to draw the hole as thin as possible, to make it look like more on the line. You can Supplement this design reflective stripes on the edge of the nail, connecting the two trend – the reverse French and moon manicure. Your nail will be as if in frame that focuses attention on it.

Chess manicure

Geometric patterns on nails have been used for a long time, but in the season of spring-summer 2018 they will manifest in new ways. Now dominating on the runways is a checkerboard manicure.

The cells of the chessboard can be absolutely any color, it is important to keep the design, making the lines as straight as possible and proportional.

Red manicure 2018

Red along with yellow color, has many shades of garnet, scarlet, Bordeaux, etc., so don’t be afraid that this color would look too provocative. Select the most suitable for your look, makeup and even lipstick nail Polish color and you will look irresistible in the spring of 2018.

Remember the important rule of red nail Polish – needs to be combined with minimalist make-up and clothes.

The main recommendation of manicure spring-summer 2018 – everything is permitted that is not forbidden, so girls are free to use a variety of shades, techniques and jewelry on their marigolds.

Don’t be afraid to look bright and attract the glances: manicure 2018 will fully allow you to do this.

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