IDC: shipments of «personal computing devices» will continue to decline, but in several segments is expected to increase

According to experts of the analytical company IDC, shipments of «personal computing devices» (PCD), which include personal computers (desktop PCs, laptops and desktops) and tablets (including «2-in-1″), in the period from 2016 to 2021 will be reduced from 435,0 million units to 418,2 million. These figures correspond to an average annual reduction of 0.8%.

While sales of desktop PCs and workstations within the specified period will be reduced from of 260.1 to 252,3 million units, so the average annual reduction will be 0.6%, that is less than the industry as a whole. The share of such systems will be reduced from 23.8% to 21.5%. At the same time, sales of laptops, including mobile workstations, will increase from 156,8 up to 162,5 million units or 0.7% annually. The share of such systems will increase from 36.0% to 38.9 percent.

Sales of tablets with a detachable keyboard will rise from 21.4 to 56.1 million or 21.2% per year. As a result, their share will increase from 4.9% to 13.4%. Finally, sales of tablets classic form-factor will decrease from 153,5 up to 109.8 million pieces or 6.5% per year. The consequence will be the reduction of their share from 35.3% to 26.3%.

Source: IDC


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