IDC has made a forecast for the market of wearable electronics in the next five years

IDC analysts tried to predict the development of the market of wearable electronics in the next few years. We have already seen that long-term forecasts for these segments — a very controversial matter, but on intelligence and Analytics.

So, at the end of this year, IDC predicts 20.1 million sold smart watches that only 3.9% higher than the figure recorded the previous year. To the smart watch in this case include only those devices that can run third-party applications. All smart wearable devices, which include smart glasses, and some other decisions, will be sold 21.5 million units.

Different activity trackers and other wearable devices more simple to be implemented of 80.7 million units.

But more interesting to look at the forecast for the end of 2020. IDC believes that a simple wearable devices in 2020 will be sold 147,8 million units and smart wearable electronics will disperse a circulation of 76.6 million units. That is, the growth of the second segment will be slightly higher. In General, the market of wearable electronics will grow by 23.2%.

It remains to wait for the end of 2020 and see how right the experts were IDC.


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